JSP 763 The Mod Harassment Complaints Procedure

The Armed Forces have an equality and diversity policy and which coupled with the Military Covenant for the Army provides that soldiers are expected to put the needs of the service first and forego some of the rights enjoyed in civilian life.  In return, they can at all times expect to be treated fairly and to be valued and respected as an individual.

The Armed Forces will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, including harassment and bullying, but problems do arise from time to time.

In cases where there are allegations of unfair treatment and whether this is direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, bullying, prejudice or victimisation, then the Armed Forces Team of Coffin Mew LLP can help you and will give initial free limited advice.

For all initial enquiries, please contact the Armed Forces Team at Coffin Mew LLP on 0800 827168 or by email armedforces@coffinmew.co.uk